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  • now with IP Ad Web Software you will receive large database with IP ranges for targeted messaging
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Send your advertising message to millions of people instantly!
Target your advertisement geographically! Advertising message on someone's screen, the second you send it!

What are Your Broadcast Advertiser needs?

  •  You do not want to send bulk emails any more as this is illegal
  •  You found out that people not reading your emails
  •  You need geographical targeting
  •  You want to deliver your messages directly to desktops
  •   Broadcast Advertiser uses built-in Microsoft technology to deliver your message directly to desktops without the need of a web browser
  •   You want to communicate with customers or potential customers in REAL-TIME. E-mail can take days to be delivered and received.

And why is IP Ad Web Software much more effective than other broadcast advertising?

  •  Your advertisement message is instantly received and read, seconds after sending it
  •  IP Ad Web Software shows your advertising message in the middle of someone's screen, on top of any other running applications
  •  IP Ad Web Software allows you to target your message geographically, based on a list of IP ranges
  •  IP Ad Web Software allows you to import your own list of IP's

How does it work?

To send messages, TYT IP Ad Web Software uses a program called net send which is part of windows and is installed by default in Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP. Therefore, to receive a message, the receiver doesn't have to have any extra software installed.


IP Ad Web Software will only work on Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP at this time. For performance, the general rule is the faster your internet connection and the more RAM (memory) you have, the quicker your message will be sent out. Direct internet connection (not from behind router) with static or dynamic IP. Visit our partner site for more information: