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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is IP Ad Web Software?

    IP Ad Web Software is a feature-rich direct advertising program designed to deliver your messages directly to Windows 2000, XP, and NT desktops. Each successful broadcast displays a window on the recipient's desktop displaying your message. Unlike e-mail, there is no need for the user to open your message, or have any kind of program open. IP Ad Web Software's messages will display on every Windows XP, 2000, and NT machine not behind a firewall, prominently above every window.

  2. Aren't the messages that IP Ad Web Software sends considered to be spam, and therefore illegal?

    No, the messages that IP Ad Web Software sends are not considered spam. IP Ad Web Software uses built in Microsoft Windows technology to display a message onto a recipient's desktop. These kind of messages are useful when trying to communicate important information to multiple users. These messages do not use e-mail addresses or e-mail servers of any kind, and are broadcasted directly over the Internet.

  3. Why is the full version of IP Ad Web Software cost $20?

    IP Ad Web Software offers an almost unlimited number of possible leads. We have included a database of billions of addresses to which you may broadcast your messages. E-mail lists containing the same number of addresses would cost you thousands of times the price of our product. In addition, the full version doesn't limit the number of messages you can send out. Other similar services charge you for the number of messages you broadcast. With this fact in mind, you start generating a positive return on investment (ROI) only after a few broadcasts using our product.

  4. Requirements?

    1. IP Ad Web Software will only work on Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP at this time.
    2. For performance, the general rule is the faster your internet connection and the more RAM (memory) you have, the quicker your messages will be sent out.
    3. Direct internet connection (not from behind router) with static or dynamic IP.

  5. How can I block these types of messages?

    In Windows XP:
    (1) Select "Start"
    (2) Choose "Control Panel"
    (3) Choose "Administrative Tools"
    (4) Choose "Services"
    (5) Right-click on "Messenger"
    (6) Select "Stop"
    To permanently disable Messenger:
    (7) Right click "Messenger"
    (8) Select "Properties"
    (9) Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and click "OK"

    In Windows 2000:
    (1) Select "Start"
    (2) Choose "Programs"
    (3) Choose "Administrative Tools"
    (4) Choose "Services"
    (5) Right-click "Messenger"
    (6) Select "Properties"
    (7) Click "Stop"
    To permanently disable Messenger:
    (8) Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and click "OK"

  6. Here are some reasons why you might be getting fail delivery with the software

    1. Your ISP do not allow NET SEND command.
    2. The ISP of the ip addresses block NET SEND message.
    3. The target ip addresses are not online.
    4. The target ip addresses has a program to block NET SEND message.

    Click here for instruction to find out if your PC can use IPADWeb software

    *** Please keep in mind that this software was designed for administration of networks and personal communication.

  7. Additional Questions

    Please contact the person that sold you the software should you have additional questions. It is the responsibility of the RESELLER to provide end user support.

    When contact us for support, please include the PayPal receipt of your payment. This will be a proof that you purchase the IP Ad WEB Software from us. All support request without PayPal receipt will not get a response. Please allow up to 72 hours for email response.

    Thanks for your understanding.